How to Say "No" When Dating a Sugar Daddy

Developing the skill of saying no, when dating a sugar daddy is necessary. Not in the case of sugar daddy, but also in your general life, you see many people who usually don’t take this word seriously, if they don’t expect it from your side. And, you need to be prepared how to say no abruptly or firmly as different circumstances may arise in your life when you need to use this particular word otherwise you regret your silence or agreement later. Now, let’s have a detailed look at the things that you can consider how to say no while dating a sugar daddy.

Develop self-assured manners
“No” is a complicated word to say specifically when you are affable in nature. Frankly speaking, saying no doesn’t need to be argumentative. Try to learn how people living around you say this word effectually to one another. Once you listen assiduously then you will realize that using no is not a big deal. Use the same manner when you are going to say no to sugar daddy, surely a sensible person won’t become violent to you. As you know tone affects our words so, speak softly while convenience him.

Don’t convert your “No” into “Yes”
If your sugar daddy requests for something and you are not ready to fulfill his demand then directly say no to him. It’s not necessary to offer everything that he needs. If you find something against your personal values, then saying no should be your automatic reply. Furthermore, you should make everything clear before any agreement with your sugar daddy. By doing this, he will never consider your no as a personal denial. Try to convenience him with your reason of saying “no”, you can say like it’s against your value system.

Be ready for rudeness
Occasionally, instead of your good intention, when you say on to your sugar daddy, he may become nasty. He may also send a message or call you offensive names or tell you how good they are just because he is rich and you are not, even express how discontented he is with you. Engaging in argument with him, in such sort of reaction would not be worth. Just ignore him, and think to search out someone with whom you want to stay.

If he doesn’t take your no
Some sugar daddy can harass or give some special offers, only to tempt you. Whatever the case is, you have to stick to the no initially. After this, you can block him or never respond to any type of bargaining. By seeing your patience, he will exhaust at some point and stop trying effort to change your thinking.