Tips for Newbie Sugar Babies Succeed in Arrangement Dating

So, you just signed up on a sugar daddy or sugar baby dating site as a sugar baby seeking sugar daddy and you are in need of some helpful tips to becoming successful in the world of sugar dating. Well, welcome to our world, girl!
First, it is important to note that being a sugar baby is not all about having a pretty face or expensive tastes in culture and fashion; it takes more of maturity and commitment to the sugar relationship.
 Second, as a sugar baby who is looking to excel in this kind of arrangement, you must come to the knowledge that there are thousands of sugar babies out there who are willing to grab any sugar daddy they see. Therefore, you must find the possible ways in which you can stand out from the crowd.
Standing out from the crowd is the key to becoming a successful sugar baby. You can read our article on BEING A SUGAR BABY – HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF STAND OUT to learn a few tricks that will help you stand out as a sugar baby.
With that said, let’s take a look on how to keep a long-term sugar relationship, which invariably means being successful. Shall we!

Cultivate the Virtue of Patience

One of the skills necessary to succeed as a sugar baby is patience. Your sugar daddy is, in most cases, a married man as such there is the tendency for him to call off trips and cancel or postpone dates. You should fully grasp that he is the one in control and play according to his schedules. His schedules should always come before yours. Be patient with him. Call only at the time he asks you to. Visit only when he calls for you. Be discrete and be patient! This way you are sure to keep him for as long as you wish to.

One Sugar At a Time

While it may seem like a good opportunity to get involved in as many arrangements as possible, it is actually safe to stick to a sugar daddy at a time. Like I always advise, these men are well versed in this kind of relationship, and virtually all aspect of life, than you are. Trying to play smart is not a smart choice. As a sugar baby, you must be available when your sugar needs you. Say the two or three of them need you at the same time. What do you do? The second key to maintaining a successful sugar relationship is to stick to one sugar daddy at a time. You can have your normal relationship – maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but not another sugar daddy.

Keep It Real

Never fake or pretend to be something you are not or pose a character that you do not have. It is okay to have a diverse personality so that you can accommodate the different sugar daddies that may come your way but the key here, as I pointed out earlier, is to be with one sugar daddy at a time. This way you can maintain the personality you posed from the onset. Never try to be many things at once, you would lose credibility. And always remember that these men can easily sniff out a sugar baby who is pretending. To keep your sugar, try and be real. Stick with the personality you put up on your profile. Be yourself!

Know What You Want and Go for It

The next step after finding the perfect sugar daddy is to draft a requirement and stand by it. The terms of the arrangement differ with individuals. Be sure to communicate your requirements early and do not deviate from them. You could draft out the ‘don’ts’ too (i.e. the deal breaker.) Can you cope with late compensations? What would lead to termination of the relationship? What kind of compensations do you prefer? How much allowance do you want each month? etc. It is important to know that your sugar daddy will definitely give his requirements too. So, be sure to give him your requirements and weigh his requirements to see if they are what you can cope with.

Stick With Your ‘A’ Game

One common mistake seen in most relationships – both the sugar daddy relationship and other relationships, is the tendency of the partners to derail from the initial ‘drive’ that the relationship was built on.  They get comfortable over time and fail to continue to do what they have been doing from the inception of the arrangement or relationship. They may start ignoring each other and caring less about the things they put a certain amount of effort into like their looks, dress sense, conditions of the bedroom, answering and returning phone calls, and replying messages or emails. As a sugar baby who is looking to succeed in the sugar dating, you must bring on your ‘a’ game at all time. Know those things your sugar daddy likes and keep doing them. Remember that your sugar daddy has invested in the relationship and he is ready to leave for another sugar baby at any point in time.